Sunkissed summer days are here, and we will be living in our swimwear all summer long! So, we recommend following the below care tips to keep your pieces in pristine condition.


We recommend rinsing your suit with cold water after each wear even if you didn’t go in the water. Rinsing will remove any sand, chemicals, sunscreen or tanning oil residues before they can damage, stain, or discolor your Sunkissed pieces.


Use mild detergent to protect the longevity of your favorite Sunkissed pieces. Gently work the soap through the swimsuit without wringing out the fabric and rinse again with fresh water. It can be tempting to wring out all of the excess water, but wringing your swimsuit can be damaging. The fabric can loosen and the elasticity of the swimsuit fibers can diminish by time.


To dry, lay your pieces on a flat surface in indirect sunlight to avoid discoloration, sagging elastic, and bagging. Avoid washing your swimsuits in a washing machine or dry them in a tumble dryer as they are very harsh on the delicate swimwear fabric!

We will not be held responsible for any damages that occur to the swimwear if the stated care tips are not applied.

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